Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Aw, kids

I got a special mail order the other day...

Inside are a small set of spot illustrations i did for Canadian Family Magazine...wow! It's a great awesome feeling seeing them in print:

You can read the articles with the spots here:

That's it for now. Things are starting to ramp up-- I have 2 animated films in the works this year, a couple of side projects on the go, and more ideas than I know what to do with. Here's to a productive 2009!


Peter Bangs said...

thanks for providing the links, not only were the spot illos great, love the private parts one, but the site they're on is a great one too for this parent.

Dani said...

These are all great, Lillian!
Awesome stuff, as usual.
Hope you're well!

Andrew Ross said...

Great illustrations Lillian! I agree, the private parts one is awesome.

GB Tran said...

Excellent combination of distinct illustration and clever design. Great use of textures, too--you gotta gimme some tips!

RAWLS said...

Awww.. so cute! Those are great Lil! Nice work my friend!!

lillian said...

Hey thanks guys!

Jarrett said...

Lovely work! I really enjoy your pencil sketches :)

Rustik said...

Really like the blog, really awesome.