Tuesday, January 10, 2012

One Millionth Tower

Happy new year everybody! I'm always a little scared starting a new year because i'm never sure what's up ahead....

Below are some development sketches that Howie Shia, Kelly Sommerfeld and myself created for One Millionth Tower, an interactive documentary directed by Kat Cizek, as part of the NFB's Highrise project.  You may be seeing ads on the TTC with some of these images, plus videos that will play on the digital info boards-- the ads run through january, a nice way to start off the year.

Hope you are having a good one thus far!

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Sonya - Lil'Soak + Friends said...

Awesome! I always have a soft spot for architecture and it reminds me of my cousin's 10000 strangers city where he took photographs iconic places in Toronto and then he drew "strangers" on on the scenes. They are really cool!